Christian Living

Title: Anointed for Business
Author: Ed Silvoso
Price: HK$ 100.00
Description: Ed Silvoso focuses on the heart of our cities, which is the marketplace...

Title: A Way of Escape (逃避試探)
Author: Dr. Neil T. Anderson
Price: HK$ 68.00
Description: Talking about sex is never easy – especially when dealing with sexual temptation and strongholds of lust, incest, rape and homosexuality. But while we are silent – Satan takes aim to destroy lives...

Title: Believers in Business
Author: Laura L. Nash
Price: HK$ 120.00
  • How do I resolve workplace conflicts sparked by differences of belief? 
  • How much profit can I conscientiously seek? 
  • Can I justify using prayer to try to beat the competition? 
  • Should I bring up the issue of faith with my co-workers, or should I keep my beliefs to myself?

Title: Enjoying Your Walk with God
Author: Steve Douglass
Price: HK$ 63.00
Description: This book will show you it is possible to:
  • Have a vital, personal relationship with God 
  • Gain victory over day-to-day anxieties 
  • Let the Bible keep you out of trouble 
  • See God's perspective when it seems life has turned on you 
  • Learn to like what you have to do 
  • Tap into God's power for daily living.

Title: Managing Yourself
Author: Steve Douglass
Price: HK$ 90.00
Description: Managing Yourself provides practical help for anyone desiring to be more effective... 

Title: The Bondage Breaker (擊開捆鎖)
Author: Dr. Neil T. Anderson
Price: HK$ 98.00
Description: You don't know how you ended up in such as mess - locked in habits you can't seem to break or caught in sin. You're a Christian and this sort of thing doesn't happen to Christians... or so you've been told.

Title: The Man God Uses
Author: Henry & Tom Blackaby
Price: HK$ 90.00
Description: Anyone who has ever been called by the voice of God to touched by His hand is eager to know and understand His will for their life... 

Title: The Purpose Driven Life – What On Earth Am I Here For ? (標竿人生)
Author: Rick Warren
Price: HK$ 97.00
Description: This book will help you understand why you are alive and God’s amazing plan ... 

Title: Changes That Heal
Author: Dr. Herry Cloud
Price: HK$ 80.00
  • Connect more deeply with others to form truly intimate relationships 
  • Develop healthy independence from those you're connected to 
  • Understand the good and bad in yourself and others 
  • Grow emotionally and spiritually to fully feel like an adult

Title: A Husband After God's Own Heart
Author: Jim George
Price: HK$ 136.00
  • make you a better husband 
  • bring you and your wife together as a true team 
  • enhance your communication with your mate 
  • deepen your marriage and family relationship 
  • add more fun to your times together

Title: A Wife After God's Own Heart
Author: Elizabeth George
Price: HK$ 130.00
  • being a better wife 
  • improving or rekindling sexual intimacy 
  • communicating more effectively 
  • becoming a better team player 
  • having more fun in your marriage 

Title: A Woman After God's Own Heart
Author: Elizabeth George
Price: HK$ 110.00
  • your walk with the Lord – grow through love of Scripture and in discipleship 
  • your ministry – learn to reach out and become an encourager 
  • your home – create a nurturing atmosphere and a tapestry of beauty 
  • your children – pray faithfully for them and teach them God’s Word

Title: How to Get Better Grades and Have More Fun (玩出好成績)
Author: Steve Douglass
Price: HK$ 50.00
Description: Follow a few simple, powerful principles. And that’s why you find’ll this book so practical...