Title: Building Your Marriage to Last
Price:  HK$ 89.00
Author:  FamilyLife
ISBN:  9781602003309


Your marriage is under construction every day as you build on the promises that you've made to each other and learn to deal with setbacks and challenges. Some days it's less than you hoped for and other days it's more than you ever dreamed.

No matter how good, difficult, long, or short your marriage has been, you can start building - or remodeling -right now. As you join your spouse and a small group of friends for this 7-week study, you'll discover God's designs for your marriage, including:
  • Accepting your spouse as a uniquely designed gift from God
  • Recognizing when you're drifting apart and working together to close the distance
  • Building a future that is secure, purposeful, and fun
The best days of your marriage are ahead. Learn together hoe to build a marriage that will last.