Title: Improving Your Parenting
Price:  HK$ 89.00
Author:  FamilyLife
ISBN: 9781602003514

What could be of greater significance than shaping the lives of the next generation? Raising children is an honorable duth, a high calling.

As a mom or dad, you know that there is more to parenting than setting boundaries and curfews, giving allowances, correcting behavior and attending games and recitals. You're building your children's character─and that takes time and a good plan. Join with a group of friends for this six-week study where you'll discuss:
  • What your children need in a parent 
  • The basics of discipline 
  • Dealing with busyness 
  • Bringing God into your family 
Prepare yourself for the most important job you'll ever have through Improving Your Parenting. A job with great benefits!