書名: How to be a People Helper
特價:  HK$ 53.00  (原價: HK$ 89.00)
作者:  Gary R. Collins
ISBN:  9780884490555
How to Be a People Helper, the book that has, with great success, helped thousands to
  • become more sensitive to the feelings of others
  • learn how to deal with "people problems"
  • learn how to use principles similar to ones used by professionals in helping people
  • know when and where to refer people
You may ask, "If the book was so good, why revise it? If it ain't broke, why fix it?"

The author answers, "Many changes have occurred since this book originally appeared - changes in counseling techniques, approaches to training, research findings, and types of problems. Most dramatic, perhaps, have been changes in attitude toward counselling... One of the original purposes for this book is gone; there is no longer a need to convince believers that we should be people helpers. most are already convinced.