書名: Sex Food & God
特價:  HK$ 52.00 (原價: HK$ 86.00)
作者:  David Eckman
ISBN:  9789810566524


When good things created by God—such as sex and food—are misused to escape emotional and relational pain, the resulting damage, desperation, and loneliness can be worse than the worst nightmare… for you or someone you love.

Using groundbreaking research and offering compassionate understanding rooted deeply in Scripture, David Eckman shares in Sex, Food, And God
  • how and why unhealthy appetites grip people and trap them in a fantasy world
  • how God responds gently to weakness and failure
  • how shame and guilt disappear when we realize His passionate delight in us
  • how four great experiences of spiritual life break the addiction cycle
  • how enjoyment of our relationship with God actually guards us from addiction
As you begin to grasp God’s radically loving plan to protect us, you’ll find yourself wanting to run forward—away from aloneness and self-deception and into the arms of your Abba Father.